I’ve admired the political blog, Brainstorm ever since it was launched in 2013 by Kenyan writers and feminists Brenda Wambui and Michael Onsando. With the tagline, “Intelligent. Kenyan.” the site was launched to address the need for critical thought on the Kenyan experience. The goal was to “look at Kenya from the inside” and they promised to do so through a new post every Tuesday.

Well, today they put up my essay on the history and nature of public discourse on sex.

I haven’t put up the essay’s title in full because some of this blog’s subscribers are my family members and many of them are sensitive about what they consider “coarse language”. I want to assure them—and any others who may feel the same—that this is something you want to read, or rather keep reading beyond the title and first paragraph…

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  1. Seth Thuita

    An Interesting read. Keep me posted

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