A Chimera’s Journal

Written by Chaka Sichangi_The Great Elephant

I’ll end with my beginning and by that I’ve begun with my end,

Life as a double entendre,

Humility birthed by pride,

Glide though I plummet,

Tango in my stride,

Two husbands for my bride,

Cry for her – she prays for me,

She wanted to dance in the monsoon rain but instead she swallowed the sun on our honeymoon whilst

making love to a chimera,

she loved it but she hates me now,

Alas! Fading bliss and lightnings second kiss,

Just when I thought I’d fixed that diabolic contraption in my chest,

Two seeds sown,

The first, the possibility of a posterity to inherit my curse; hence the beginning of my continuance,

The last; the beginning of our end,

That damned trodden path beckons me to begin on it again.

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