Carried Till Slept

This is the short narrative of a baby, an aunt and sleep..enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Her beautiful form tosses restlessly in my arms.

From her little mouth,she gurgles cute incoherent words as she throws her limbs about in delight. She stops lashing about and stares directly at me,her steady gaze meets mine and as I look into her bright little eyes, she smiles then cheekily pouts her lips.

She starts to blow raspberries!

Laughing aloud and kissing her chubby cheeks, I pick her up just as her eyelids begin to droop and she starts rubbing her hands across her face. As I envelop her in my arms, she pulls down her upper lip and juts out her lower lip and starts crying her ‘sad’ cry…’Hmmm…Hmmm…Waaah! Waaah!’

I rock her gently and try to soothe her tiny tantrum.Her eyes glister and oddly sparkle when light catches the tears in her eyes,and I instinctively start cooing,singing and talking to her. She yawns,opening her little mouth wide,exposing her toothless lined gums and her little pink tongue stuck out and curved in exhaustion.

She nestles against me a bit,yawning once more as her eyelids slowly close. Putting the pacifier in her mouth,I walk around the room rocking her and finally watch as she suckles away into sweet dreams…

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