Category: Coherent Ramblings

  • A bizarre thing happened yesterday. Someone stated their intention of marrying me. It wasn’t a harmless statement appended to an amusing tweet or picture of mine. It was a declaration expressed in the real world governed by Kikuyu customs and between the two prerequisite father figures.

  • This has been my best and most productive year in recent memory. I can only hope that the experiences and lessons will stay with me for years to come. Given that this is my blog and is the only place I’m allowed to gloat a little, here goes. In 2013 I…

  • I tend to steer clear of dangerous situations. However, on June 11th 2013 I got in touch with my inner warrior. I was pissed. For weeks, the media had been filled with reports of Kenyan MPs pushing for insane salary increments and allowances. Worse of all, they had proposed a motion to have the Salaries […]

  • In my experience, music and film have the ability to alleviate or crystallize unhappiness. While literature, among other wonderful things, has always shown me that I am not the only one who suffers. How comforting. This year I had the great fortune of reading three amazing books. These are Yann Martel’s “Life of Pi”, J.R.R […]

  • I haven’t written anything dreadfully meaningful on this blog in ages. My professional life has been pretty intense since my promotion last November and as much as I have enjoyed being creative in that space, this blog is about my other identity, the creative writer. So, save the last few posts, ever since my muse […]

  • For every person in the world who loves to write, there is another who does not understand the passion behind the action. They’ll watch a writer at their craft, and wonder what it is that compels them to write, when they themselves don’t feel the draw. True writers do so because they love to write. […]