Category: Poetry

  • Essays II and III

    After that first Brazen essay for ‘The Elephant”, my editor Christine Mungai continued to share interesting provocations that offered ways to document and examine the Kenyan experience. The next one was regarding how in the 80s and 90s this country witnessed a general decline in the economy because of the implementation of the infamous Bretton […]

  • Breathing

    I am conscious of my breathing and the soundless music of it This seesawing of air that keeps me alive Now chest, now nose Whispery inhales Gales of exhale My, my freshly plucked oxygen tastes so sweet.

  • Waiting.

    Yesterday I saw my bus pull away. It drove right past me. Slow. Deliberate. The driver tooted his horn. I raised my hand. Moving it in the motion of goodbye. Staring at the faces of my works. Unfriendly friendlies. They looked askance. Mouthing wordless pleas. I looked away. Buried my hands deep in my pockets. […]

  • The sun falls out of the sky when I think of you. Butterflies; a chorus of mocking crows. Blood flees from my heart and I die a little. When I speak of you my tongue twists into a dirge teeth; an army of knives laughter starts to bitter. See how you’ve made me a glutton […]

  • Little poems

    Tap water slides off my face and if all water finds the sea then fish swim in my tears. The tree is heavy with fruit. Yet blandness stains the tongue for it is too early in the season. Invisible buses ferry dust and leaves without anchors past my window. I wonder if sometimes they snatch […]

  • Wont Scar

    HAIKU Fashioning a heart? Better use elastic, It will not scar, promise.