Category: Poetry

  • Nothingness

    It comes and goes a fever that flares up and breaks a searing heat incinerating reason from the mind a damp coolness over the heart a see-saw balancing things that she saw not crooked images half lies palms riddled with broken life lines until finally all that lies broken is that thing that has become […]

  • The retrogression of Man

    The retrogression of Man begins when he uses his fists to speak. The day he pays heed to the rush of blood to his ears. The hour he ignores his peers and crosses the line between madness and common sense. The minute he sees best to let expletives tumble from his lips. It is in […]

  • Mamaa

    You see I barely even remember you, I try really hard but you slip behind the veils of my mind, And I feel as if I’m trying to catch the wind as it blows past me, this tangible nothingness I cannot grasp, So when they tell me that your voice was stern but smooth, and […]