I haven’t written anything dreadfully meaningful on this blog in ages. My professional life has been pretty intense since my promotion last November and as much as I have enjoyed being creative in that space, this blog is about my other identity, the creative writer. So, save the last few posts, ever since my muse went silent, the blog has suffered.

I knew writer’s block was a real thing but I never thought my desire to “write-write” would die down so completely. That the day would come when I consciously chose to watch TV during my favorite writing time (nighttime) rather than set up my laptop and attempt to string together literary pearls.

In any case, the reason why I say all this is because in the early days of this blog, I recall a few emails zipping into my inbox with the ego-boosting subject line that proclaimed, “subscriber”. A few more kind-hearted souls have expressed interest in my work through comments on the blog, on other online platforms and in person.

It is because of these people that I feel the need to explain a few things, well, the silence mostly. See, I’m going through a series of changes. It all started when I traveled to Zanzibar on my own last year. I came back home with a new mindset, ending a relationship and even cutting my chemically straightened hair.

Turning 25 this year accelerated the mental shift because this was the birthday year I spent the special day visiting the graves of my parents. It is a tradition I began on my 20th birthday and vow to keep to. In any case, it was a day of reflection, thanksgiving and radical change. I just didn’t realize it until I sat down with my bosses a few weeks later and told them that I was leaving my job in March next year.

Granted it seems a lifetime away, but the fact that I could even think about leaving the security of an awesome job for the unknown, told me something was afoot. I was ready to embrace the madness of the unknown, see if I’m really cut out for this writing thingie. And as I told a former colleague, “Here I go. Taking a chance before life cements itself around me.”

So for three months (hopefully) I’m off on a big adventure to vacation and visit a good friend who lives in Berlin. She tells me that it will be summer then. Woohoo! Nothing is certain upon my return. All I know is that it is all very exciting and even if I stay indoors the whole time (brokenness atagwan), I’ll be proud that I had the courage to take one step outside my door to kick-start my writing mojo. Plus, I might make an even more awesome infograph about my trip!

P.S For those who caught a tweet I sent on Tuesday night about signs: I went for a video launch and happened to share a table with a very lovely lady called Linda. She lives and studies in Berlin. Ha! Some extra wonderfulness: she has curly hair and was born in August.

“Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.” –Rumi.”

“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.” –The Devil and Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho.

13 responses to “I feel I owe you an explanation”

  1. Happy travels! Sometimes we must let go of what we know to discover new frontiers…

    1. Wanjeri

      Thank you 😀

  2. Oh love, this is a big step. It really is

    It sounds exciting! And it means one thing, you are growing. Such courage is growth. These writerly lives ask that life does not cement itself around you. I know you will have fun in Berlin (but I might have to mute you. I cannot allow you to subject me to such violence with twitpics 🙂 An elsewhere is good for the creative mind

    All the best Wanjeri, I wish you many more writing gigs and years

    1. Wanjeri

      Thank you very much my dear. Haha I may just start a tumblr and tag you in all my posts hehe!

  3. I applaud your courage and I am rooting for you. Go forth and triumph.

  4. Wanjeri

    Thanks Eva!

  5. Hey. Just the other day, Ndinda and I were talking about how we’ve kinda stopped creative writing and I mentioned you hadn’t updated your blog in ages.

    Wishing you the best in whichever path your journey takes you.

    Keep shining.

    1. Wanjeri

      Thank you so much Aisha! Kwa kweli mwandishi ni kuchukua risk-i 😀

  6. All the best! You sound like a genuine good person. Safe journey.

  7. edgar

    aye, hopefully you will have a great time. though personally i do not believe the writers’ block exists. yes, there comes a time when the inspiration juices are not flowing or when after one paragraph you feel drained, but over time i came to realize that reading books helps a great deal. and with the new experiences coming up ahead for you, i am very optimistic about your next posts. fair thee well 🙂

  8. Soni

    Hmm you went to Zanzibar? Without me! Nway My love all the best…. Breakaway!!!! Don’t
    Live a life of what ifs…I quote’this is your life…are you who you want to be… Is it everything you dreamt it would be.. When the world
    Was younger and you had everything to lose!’ God speed luv

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  10. Ami

    Sometimes I look at people like you who have the courage to go off and begin an adventure like this and I say a little prayer for them. I don’t think I would be able to.. and I completely understand what your saying about writing to just write. Writing for work kinda kills our inner writer me thinks.
    But best of luck Wanjeri. I am happy for you. Very happy.

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