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  • Memories hang loosely in my mind. I let them slip like loose change into some back pocket somewhere. There’s more freedom than despair in that. A man sits across from me on the U-bahn. He has dark skin. I can tell this from the corner of my eye but what is it to me? I’ve […]

  • Once upon a kino

    I’m not a dog that needs to be regularly walked. I’m a cat, the world doesn’t exist until I discover it. I’m not looking for a scent to chase. My interest is turned towards myself, taking a big whiff of what’s already here; a closer examination of what’s unfolding in the present space. I spent […]

  • Berlin

    Berlin has haunted me for three years. Maybe even longer. I can’t recall when I first detected the pale shadow it cast over my life but as soon as I did, it was everywhere. The six-letter city leapt at me from book pages, harassed me from a thumbtacked flier in one friend’s home and boldly […]