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  • Tony didn’t have much say in his life. That’s why, one day, a tall man with kind eyes, an “Amercan” accent and a matted beard was deposited at his house. Mike, his 26-year-old cousin was back from the land of the KFC and the KKK. And Tony’s mother was determined that her late sister’s son […]

  • Hear no evil

    “It’s going to be alright, yaah…Surgery might reverse the process. I’m sure the…” I shifted my focus from his mouth to his hands as they folded, bent and cut across the air. His brown hands, like lightly toasted samosas, were firm but soft and always gentle whenever he examined me. I remember how he’d walked […]

  • Holy Waters

    A thousand liquid spears stabbed the insides of the open trench a short distance from the door. The rushing stream merrily sang shwoooo shwoooo as it eagerly swallowed the aquatic missiles. Strange, thought Sarah, she’d never seen the rain that beautiful. The trench carried water down the hill; fed the hungry cement pipe near the […]

  • We’d reached the end of the tour and were to walk a bit up the road and catch a bus back to town. But before that, one of the girls on the tour was also researching on slum tourism and asked us to fill a questionnaire. She later told me how three American girls had […]

  • Anyway, back to the group [Victorious Youth Group], for the past six years these guys have used discarded animal bones to make beautiful ornaments. In their small workshop lined with fine dust one guy explained how they got started, the creative process and how they make ends meet through the jewellery they make. It was […]

  • Vunja Winga_Part 2

    By now I was walking side-by-side with my pal and wasn’t really looking around. This was his third slum tour of the week and he was already tired of the whole thing. From previous discussions he’d shared how he was opposed to the idea of slum tours but was interested in what people who also […]