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  • Written By Wanjiku Mwaurah She walked in breathing laboriously, holding a piece of soiled clothe to her body. She grunted as she struggled off her clothes plastered to her skin by sweat and blood. She was crying. I turned over to switch on the lights next to the bed, the little clock on the bedside […]

  • Written by Claudette Oduor_oh so Soul_Fool The eyes in the mirror do not belong to an old woman like me. They belong to a slip of a girl. This slip of a girl doesn’t drag her slow foot on the tarmac like me. The tarmac doesn’t grate the skin of her feet, leaving the flakes […]

  • Written by Jacque Ndinda I live somewhere deep within the skin of my skin. Surrounded by sturdy walls that edge closer and closer every minute trying to crush me. I am a prisoner imprisoned by prisoners. All the time I have stood in front of this mirror, I have gazed for hours trying to discover […]

  • Written by Edwin Baru Baru: Dude, did you just fart? Edwin: What? Baru: Oh, never mind, it’s this guy seated next to me. What is wrong with men and their aversion to deodorant? Anyway, Is how? Edwin: What do you mean ‘is how’? (Mockingly) Baru: You know what I mean. So what’s up? Edwin: Nothing… […]

  • Written by Chaka Sichangi_The Great Elephant I’ll end with my beginning and by that I’ve begun with my end, Life as a double entendre, Humility birthed by pride, Glide though I plummet, Tango in my stride, Two husbands for my bride, Cry for her – she prays for me, She wanted to dance in the […]

  • Written by Michael Onsando “No you can’t do that! It’s my turn to have it!!” Kenny screamed. Fighting with Jenny seemed to be the one thing that always happened no matter what. It seemed that every day and every night it was an argument about one thing or another. “No fair!” went Jenny “You had […]