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  • For every person in the world who loves to write, there is another who does not understand the passion behind the action. They’ll watch a writer at their craft, and wonder what it is that compels them to write, when they themselves don’t feel the draw. True writers do so because they love to write. […]

  • I’m very particular about titles and keeping things professional in the work place. Sure, I kid around with my bosses, clients and carry-on with my colleagues but I always know my place and I expect the people I deal with to do the same. Ha! Maybe I should have begun by stating why I do […]

  • This is how it happened…. Last month LA Times Magazine requested UP Magazine to recommend a Kenyan band and track for their June 2011 music issue. They wanted between 30-50 words describing both the band and the song. My boss felt that this was right up my alley since I handle all things Arts & […]