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  • Memories hang loosely in my mind. I let them slip like loose change into some back pocket somewhere. There’s more freedom than despair in that. A man sits across from me on the U-bahn. He has dark skin. I can tell this from the corner of my eye but what is it to me? I’ve […]

  • Ominously black, all buttons and interchangeable heads, the gizmo’s high roar was a thing of pure terror. Just like that, I was 9 again. Seated on a plastic chair with a towel draped over my shoulders, there was the familiar image of a blow-drier-wielding hairdresser standing behind me with the evil intent of straightening out […]

  • This has been my best and most productive year in recent memory. I can only hope that the experiences and lessons will stay with me for years to come. Given that this is my blog and is the only place I’m allowed to gloat a little, here goes. In 2013 I…

  • I haven’t written anything dreadfully meaningful on this blog in ages. My professional life has been pretty intense since my promotion last November and as much as I have enjoyed being creative in that space, this blog is about my other identity, the creative writer. So, save the last few posts, ever since my muse […]

  • For every person in the world who loves to write, there is another who does not understand the passion behind the action. They’ll watch a writer at their craft, and wonder what it is that compels them to write, when they themselves don’t feel the draw. True writers do so because they love to write. […]

  • Holy Waters

    A thousand liquid spears stabbed the insides of the open trench a short distance from the door. The rushing stream merrily sang shwoooo shwoooo as it eagerly swallowed the aquatic missiles. Strange, thought Sarah, she’d never seen the rain that beautiful. The trench carried water down the hill; fed the hungry cement pipe near the […]