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  • White t-shirt on scraggy chest, Jean Pierre pulls on levers that turn bank notes into lager. The frothy piss flows into slim glasses that are quickly lined up before the small crowd of revellers hanging around the counter. His dark hair is licked silver at the temples. His eyes, two dark strobes that shine out […]

  • I’ve had a lot of time on my hands since I resigned from my job this February (a little earlier than planned actually). The plan now is to relax, write and travel for the better part of 2013. Therefore, I decided to kick things off with a short trip to Garissa. My lovely cousin has […]

  • Breathing

    I am conscious of my breathing and the soundless music of it This seesawing of air that keeps me alive Now chest, now nose Whispery inhales Gales of exhale My, my freshly plucked oxygen tastes so sweet.

  • Nothingness

    It comes and goes a fever that flares up and breaks a searing heat incinerating reason from the mind a damp coolness over the heart a see-saw balancing things that she saw not crooked images half lies palms riddled with broken life lines until finally all that lies broken is that thing that has become […]

  • This has been a good year,professionally at least. I got an internship in April and as at December I had both a promotion and better prospects in the coming year. That is a big step in the right direction and I am fortunate to work in an exciting and highly creative space. I sold two […]