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  • Beneath a large tree are three long, meandering rows of white crosses. I imagine them being stabbing into the earth in succession, 1 to 147, perhaps 152? Each cross is a distinct colony of grief. Some have a flag wrapped around the necks, unlit candles at their feet or wax hardened in the pattern of […]

  • It all started when a funny little sentence walked into my head last August. I promptly tweeted it, jokingly adding that I would one day use it in a story. Guess what? I did. "The things that get trapped between my teeth or my thighs are none of your business."<< A line I'm going to […]

  • Tony didn’t have much say in his life. That’s why, one day, a tall man with kind eyes, an “Amercan” accent and a matted beard was deposited at his house. Mike, his 26-year-old cousin was back from the land of the KFC and the KKK. And Tony’s mother was determined that her late sister’s son […]