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  • Memories hang loosely in my mind. I let them slip like loose change into some back pocket somewhere. There’s more freedom than despair in that. A man sits across from me on the U-bahn. He has dark skin. I can tell this from the corner of my eye but what is it to me? I’ve […]

  • I love cartoons and comic books. Always have. These days, if I come across these New Age cartoons on telly or in a publication, I give them a chance if the characters look half-way decent (I’m sorry Chowder, you and your lot look far too scary.) She-Ra, He-Man, Captain Planet, Gargoyles, Popeye, Archie & Veronica, […]

  • Last month when the world was saddened by the death of Gill Scott-Heron I was unmoved. His name was unfamiliar. I thought he was just another American artist who, though obviously much loved, was only relevant to Americans. In hindsight, I realize that he played a pivotal role in developing spoken word poetry and social […]

  • Hear no evil

    “It’s going to be alright, yaah…Surgery might reverse the process. I’m sure the…” I shifted my focus from his mouth to his hands as they folded, bent and cut across the air. His brown hands, like lightly toasted samosas, were firm but soft and always gentle whenever he examined me. I remember how he’d walked […]

  • The sun falls out of the sky when I think of you. Butterflies; a chorus of mocking crows. Blood flees from my heart and I die a little. When I speak of you my tongue twists into a dirge teeth; an army of knives laughter starts to bitter. See how you’ve made me a glutton […]

  • We’d reached the end of the tour and were to walk a bit up the road and catch a bus back to town. But before that, one of the girls on the tour was also researching on slum tourism and asked us to fill a questionnaire. She later told me how three American girls had […]