Tag: #randomness

  • Memories hang loosely in my mind. I let them slip like loose change into some back pocket somewhere. There’s more freedom than despair in that. A man sits across from me on the U-bahn. He has dark skin. I can tell this from the corner of my eye but what is it to me? I’ve […]

  • I’ve had a lot of time on my hands since I resigned from my job this February (a little earlier than planned actually). The plan now is to relax, write and travel for the better part of 2013. Therefore, I decided to kick things off with a short trip to Garissa. My lovely cousin has […]

  • Hear no evil

    “It’s going to be alright, yaah…Surgery might reverse the process. I’m sure the…” I shifted my focus from his mouth to his hands as they folded, bent and cut across the air. His brown hands, like lightly toasted samosas, were firm but soft and always gentle whenever he examined me. I remember how he’d walked […]

  • Holy Waters

    A thousand liquid spears stabbed the insides of the open trench a short distance from the door. The rushing stream merrily sang shwoooo shwoooo as it eagerly swallowed the aquatic missiles. Strange, thought Sarah, she’d never seen the rain that beautiful. The trench carried water down the hill; fed the hungry cement pipe near the […]

  • One day the Sun didn’t shine. She hid her face behind some clouds. But she looked kinda funny because the cirrus clouds around her eyes gave her a monobrow and the stratus ones under her nose looked like a moustache! So she ducked behind Mt. Kenya and kept very still and quiet. See, of the […]

  • Little poems

    Tap water slides off my face and if all water finds the sea then fish swim in my tears. The tree is heavy with fruit. Yet blandness stains the tongue for it is too early in the season. Invisible buses ferry dust and leaves without anchors past my window. I wonder if sometimes they snatch […]