Tag: Unexpected Kenya

  • Kamba Nane

    It was Friday aka Day 8 of a project where all joys and pains were been collectively borne. The previous day had only yielded a small set of images and Cindy and Sebastian weren’t having a repeat of that. We started with a trip back to the quarry. A man in a large, loose polo […]

  • All Hail Kisii

    Thursday started pretty late for us. We were switching van and driver and they took a while to arrive at Kericho’s Tea Hotel. Once loaded up though, we began driving around looking for the first shot of the day. An earlier plan to scope out a monkey sanctuary the night receptionist had told us about […]

  • I think the problem started when we listened too closely to Simon Nyongesa. Aged Mickey Mouse t-shirt, frayed trousers and dusty slippers, the man’s words and charm were in sharp contrast to his appearance. When he nimbly crossed one portion of the scarified rock face to for next, we simply had to follow. He relayed […]

  • The lake and other stories

    The sun is a fussy performer at dawn and dusk. It promises everything, and nothing. Though we left Vic Hotel at 6:00am, Wanzalla had been awake well before that. Stirred to an anxious wakefulness every hour since he’d retired to bed. He peered at clock and sky before making for the lobby, raring to go. […]

  • Kisumu Pacho

    Amid grey and black clouds, the sickle-shaped moon hung like a comma in the sky. Then, white and red lights flashed like lightning. Flickering faster and faster, the metal bird with a belly full of humans cut into the night. We were headed to earth, to sable grounds glittering like studded mattresses, stilled fire flies.