The retrogression of Man

The retrogression of Man begins when he uses his fists to speak.
The day he pays heed to the rush of blood to his ears.
The hour he ignores his peers and crosses the line between
madness and common sense.
The minute he sees best to let expletives tumble from his lips.
It is in that second he raises his fists.

Its a curious case of Benjamin lost his buttons,perhaps money did make man mad?
But if violence is the currency then its got to change.
Its a slippery slope slip back into the Dark Ages where blunt tool,grunts and
gruel ruled and five-finger conversations were considered so cool.

See I’m not talking about self defense,sport or jest but that moment
when a man cuts down another in order to be the ‘best’.
So how about some reverse Darwinism?
Let’s move forward to a place where survival is not for the fittest,
the swiftest but for he who speaks the clearest.

Where victory will be sought by the mouth God gave him
and not the limbs the Devil plays with.

© wanjeri gakuru

6 responses to “The retrogression of Man”

  1. K.K

    Nice…me like it

  2. Wanjeri

    Thank u!

  3. Orato

    The expression of perfection, an honest dissertation, is there anything more to say – except, I like!

  4. gathoni


  5. Serious stuff! Wow! great piece..unique style…i just love it!

  6. Wanjeri

    thanks guys 🙂

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