Twinkle & Shine

One day the Sun didn’t shine. She hid her face behind some clouds. But she looked kinda funny because the cirrus clouds around her eyes gave her a monobrow and the stratus ones under her nose looked like a moustache! So she ducked behind Mt. Kenya and kept very still and quiet.

See, of the many stars that lived close to her, a special one twinkled extra bright. At first she ignored it and thought, ‘My heat will drive Mr. Star crazy and there’s all this space between us so it’s best to let things be.’ But Mr. Star proved to be patient; he kept twinkling and making funny formations across the sky with his friends. They made her laugh and soon she started talking to him. In time they became good friends.

For a while the Earth was blessed with gentle kisses of radiant light by day and steady beams by night. But the Sun’s old fears crept up again, what if Mr. Star thought her heat was overbearing and the distance between them too far? Soon she stopped talking to him and playing their special game called ‘twinkle, twinkle, shine, shine.’

One evening the Sun looked around and realized that she couldn’t see Mr. Star any more. He’d disappeared. He was sad that his new friend had changed. She called out, “Twinkle? Twinkle?” but Mr. Star did not respond as he always did by saying “Shine! Shine!” so the Sun also became very, very sad and decided to hide her face.

It was very peaceful there behind Mt. Kenya. Nobody bothered her and she could think. And after many days when the Earth whispered to her, “Why don’t you shine anymore?” She replied, “At first it was because Mr. Star wouldn’t reply to my call.” “But how many stars fill the sky? Millions? Billions? If I stay in the dark I will only chase shadows. I am a being of light and energy and must never stop shining. ”

So she rose from behind Mt. Kenya and gave the Earth a gracious bow. Mr. Star may have gone away but she still had the ability to shine, shine, shine. The Earth had never thought her heat was too overbearing- at least some of the time. And her distance was perfect, not too close or too far. It was she who had worried about these things and hadn’t believed in herself. Then after some time when Mr. Star came back to the sky she waved hallo and called out, “Twinkle? Twinkle?” just for old time’s sake.

©wanjeri gakuru

12 responses to “Twinkle & Shine”

  1. I absolutely love it!!!!!

  2. Wanjeri

    hahaha and here I was trying to remember your twitter handle so that I can send you the link!! Glad you like it!!

  3. hahaha…you made me laugh …….

  4. This is so cute… I like this post. It should be shown to kids… =)

  5. I think this would qualify as writing for children, something I’m experimenting with. You know Storymoja is only publishing writing for children this year? You should let them have a looksee, you never know.

    That said, I love love love it. The simplicity of it, it addresses the complexities of our humanity while appealing to the children in us. And the little illustrations are so cute.

    1. Wanjeri

      @soul_fool thanks dear sent them the story, wacha tungoje. Alll the best with yours!
      @michael hehe perhaps it shall 🙂

  6. Made me laugh and made me think. A good lesson in not taking the things that need us and we don’t know we need for granted.

    1. Wanjeri

      I’m glad 🙂

  7. The most beautiful thing i ever read 🙂

  8. Oh my, this totally made my day. So cute. Sigh =)

  9. Portia

    this is cute and creative..ever!

  10. muthoni

    Just came across this story… simply beautiful! would make a nice children’s book!

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