Beneath a large tree are three long, meandering rows of white crosses. I imagine them being stabbing into the earth in succession, 1 to 147, perhaps 152? Each cross is a distinct colony of grief. Some have a flag wrapped around the necks, unlit candles at their feet or wax hardened in the pattern of teardrops on the head and sides. Others have personalized notes or cards attached, while still others prop up wilted bouquets of roses.

There is sorrow here, helplessness and impotent rage at a relentless Bogeyman. But there is also courage and love; two panels depicting a moon and a cross are linked by body and paint in a brotherly embrace, prayers, words of comfort and solidarity are thumbtacked on a noticeboard. The pages of three condolence books are filled, a fourth is halfway through.

And so we have. A man silently moved down the line of symbolic graves with a marker pen and a printed sheet of names.

2 responses to “We will name them one by one. #147notjustanumber”

  1. Sonia

    Well written sis. We cannot forget these young lives. They were family to others and the hope of the nation. “Death where is your sting” Rest in peace till we meet again.

  2. Jane

    We cannot forget. They are not numbers; they have names.
    If you know of a sibling of any of the victims, please email edtalks101@gmail.com. A sibling support fund is available.

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