Why writers like to write

For every person in the world who loves to write, there is another who does not understand the passion behind the action. They’ll watch a writer at their craft, and wonder what it is that compels them to write, when they themselves don’t feel the draw.

True writers do so because they love to write. It’s as simple as that. There’s no greater comfort than to express themselves through the written word. Some use it as a way to sort through their feelings, others use it to lessen the pressure of pent up emotion. Then there’s the ones who play Cheekybingo
or exercise to feel better. Writing is an outlet. For all writers though, it’s a way to feel, even for the smallest amount of time, like they’ve accomplished something.

It’s not all about ourselves though. What about those of us who like to write stories; fiction tales which express a moral, but otherwise have no basis in every day life? Inspiration is a little bit like an itch you can’t reach. When a writer doesn’t pick up a pen, or draw the keyboard closer, they can’t hope to scratch it. That’s what makes a writer create when they don’t have another reason. They like to tell stories.

A true fact of any passion, profession or pastime is that no matter how much we love to do it, we will get bored. There are times when we feel like we’ve learnt everything we ever will from writing, and we lose the will to do so. How do we get it back? Language. The English language for example, has an endless number of words in the dictionary. It’s impossible to know the definition of every single one, but the challenge of discovering a new way to express it helps inspire us again.

Besides, if you have the talent for writing, there’s nothing wrong with making good use of it. Writing is our super power. What’s yours?

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